Features of Saturn in 8th House in Vedic astrology



Saturn in 8th House

The eighth house is opposite to second house. The second house represents the attitude towards property(wealth). In this sense, the eighth house represents the attitude of the native to discard the remnants of the past, so that they can move forward in life and grow and develop. Saturn in the eighth house can have a very powerful effect on the life and mind of the native. This influence will only lead them to resist change and development.

The eighth house is about life; Its unfairness, harshness, rudeness, death, and disease. Saturn is a crap very serious planet; wherever it sits, it has a life-changing purpose. The job of Saturn is to delay or prevent things from reaching you and it also has a purpose. Saturn in the 8th house is a difficult place and it can mean that life is likely to be unfair to you and it is going to give you some marks that you will never forget.

The natives of Saturn in the eighth house may find it very difficult to accept the changes in their lives. They may find the change very stressful as it can fill them with a lot of worry and anxiety. They should be aware of this effect. Having the right attitude towards change will benefit the natives in life. They should be ready for change.

The 8th house is a very mysterious house and the only house of secret objects; Things can happen to you that cannot even be predicted. Don't worry it can mean money too. Inheritance is a very strong feature of the eighth house. However, you may experience benefits from the death of a family member or spouse. There will be a deeper lesson in this financial surplus that you will see.

Also, there is always a risk of you getting stuck in a bad financial position or losing money. Getting rid is another strong feature of this house which means getting rid of your past burdens or liabilities and starting afresh. There are strong chances of an unhappy or broken marriage and an incomplete sex life as a result.

There may be problems in making allegations of dowry, harassment, or harassment on the part of the husband or wife's family. The native may be involved in extramarital affairs or external sexual relations. The position and power of Venus should be examined before arriving at any conclusion.

Poor health or long-term illness is definitely on the cards. In addition, a person may face theft, legal charges, action, interrogation, investigation, or imprisonment. The native may be associated with criminals or smugglers in some way. One needs to be very careful with his friend circle as most will disappear in times of need. This placement suggests issues on the father's side; Death of father or bad father.

The natives with the presence of Saturn in the eighth house are patient, economical, and hardworking. They are self-made and disciplined people who can sacrifice short-term happiness to accomplish their ultimate goals. They don't mind missing their social life to do more work to reach a better financial position. Saturn's presence in the eighth house can cause delays and obstacles in matters of health, debt, inheritance, and sexual satisfaction.

The position of Saturn in the eighth house also hinders the health of the natives. Whatever disease the native has to face before death, Shani can make him old and tall. Native may start feeling old at an early age. Also, financial support from others will be very less, especially from your spouse. Also, there may be trouble in getting children due to retrograde Saturn.

In some cases, the native may suffer from impotence. At the same time, such a person is talented, efficient, and practical in nature. Thus, there will be gains in the long run despite some constraints.

The natives of Saturn in the eighth house should always try to focus on the good things that come from change instead of bad. In this way, they will reduce their stress and avoid unnecessary stress. Saturn's native in the eighth house should come forward and find out how they can solve their problems in the best way. The only way out is for you to learn not to take things so seriously.

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