Features of Saturn in 12th House in Vedic astrology



Saturn in 12th House

In astrology, the 12th house is said to be the house of expenditure, mystery, your hidden talent, hidden magic, foreign, settling abroad, loss but not necessarily loss of money, it can be enemy or loss of health, for example, you enemies which means: you may not have many enemies, or you may not have many diseases and If you look at the twelfth house carefully, then called the house of loss or expenditure, can also help you.

Saturn in the twelfth house, success in life's efforts will be achieved in a foreign land instead of the homeland. If the native gets an opportunity from outside the motherland then he should try to grab it and move ahead in life.

The position of Saturn in the twelfth house, in later years of age, leads to a turn towards spirituality or even sacrificing from worldly affairs or in the extreme case renouncing all desires and ambitions to lead a secluded, isolated life.

Men and women will not have the tendency to adopt rules or regulations, there will be a tendency to break the rules. In daily life, we could see them getting caught by the traffic police for violating the rules of driving. Likewise, they will feel obnoxious or avoid doing documentation, paperwork, etc.

The person with Saturn in the twelfth house may or may not want to solve the problems of others, deeply sympathize even relating to those suffering people. That's why sometimes they seem sad, sad - take other people's troubles on themselves.

Saturn in the twelfth house in itself is a clear sign of remorse or remorse. These people are also tormented by a sense of guilt, and even when they are not guilty, they often make accusations and attacks for no real reason.

In astrology, the twelfth house is associated with different places. If your Saturn is in the twelfth house, then you may have some work in which you have to remain isolated in some way. Maybe you work in a hospital or prison, or you're a researcher or scientist who has to work long hours away from the people you love. You work best on your own.

Saturn in the twelfth house can benefit people from volunteering and charity work. The twelfth house is also the house of foreign places and here Saturn sometimes suggests that you will have to travel to a distant land country because of your job.

There is a possibility of being a victim of enemy conspiracy or a false scam. So never do any work or action on the advice of others before inspecting everything. If Saturn with Mars in the twelfth house, then the person may die in an accident or be killed by someone.

If Moon forms an inauspicious yoga with Saturn, the person may commit suicide. If Saturn makes inauspicious yoga with Mercury, then the person becomes a victim of madness and harms his body or Saturn makes inauspicious yoga with Sun or Moon, then the person feels so much hurt by the death of someone close to him that either his death Maybe due to heart attack or suicide.

Due to Saturn, all these things can be solved through remedies. If the effect of this house is to be consciously taken, then auspicious results of Saturn can be obtained.

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