Features of Saturn in 7th House in Vedic astrology

Saturn in 7th House

The seventh house represents legal contracts, business partners, benefits from relationships, grandparents, your second child. Everyone with whom you transact/exchange on a one-to-one basis for mutual benefit is the seventh house, your doctor, your banker, your groceries, etc. It also describes your relationship with your spouse, including the quality of intimacy.

Saturn in the seventh house directs tremendous reserves of loyalty, commitment, and devotion in relationships, and is highly oriented towards maintaining the partnership of life. The 7th house owned by Libra is a cosmic dating agency and is related to marriage, our enemies, love, relationships, friendships, cooperation, and romantic opportunities.

Saturn in the seventh house may experience intense anxiety or restlessness in the social sphere and may feel deprived of all traces of one's own identity in the company of others. These individuals build unnecessary walls in relationships and make decisions and actions based on irrational fear, unworthy feeling, and internal distrust of those around them.

The seventh house, Libra and Venus are all related. Venus rules relationships involving warmth and love. The seventh house is not inherently associated with love.

Saturn in the seventh house can keep high levels and expectations. Expressed negatively, this placement can trigger the 'never enough' trait. Maybe you're setting the bar too high or setting yourself up for failure before you even started for fear of getting hurt. Sometimes, it's easier to find a partner inadequate than to deal with their own shortcomings. Discontent becomes a wall around you. The planets placed in the seventh house are often rejected and projected on the partner.

Sometimes this placement can create a fear that you are not cute or good enough to be with someone else resulting in loneliness and isolation. Partner issues and even open enemies can test your limits. Sometimes some natives with this placement attract partners who are overly strict or limit their freedom in some way through personality or health issues.

Often it is a manifestation of the subject's own fear of being played out through the other. Sometimes, depending on other aspects, this placement may indicate staying with a partner for a long time after the expiry date. If these negative manifestations come up, it is a clue to look within yourself to find your inner Saturn and first and foremost build a better working relationship with yourself.

When Saturn is in the seventh house. a challenging aspect to Venus, people often moan, my love life has been ruined! But Saturn can provide as much stability as fear. We all need a little bit of Shani to give us the staying power in a relationship. Do not forget that Saturn is exalted in Libra, which corresponds to the 7th house.

Although you may find it more difficult to take the leap in the beginning, once you commit, you are committed. Saturn in the seventh house can indicate longevity in relationships. Sometimes there are fewer partners or fewer opportunities for love to blossom but when there is a connection, you get the serious attention it deserves.

As a realist, you are not inclined to be swayed by the big promises and romance of the story, but as a result, your partner benefits from the real you. Your caution may pay dividends. 'For better or worse' is ultimately the Saturn line. With increased awareness, Saturn gives you the self-discipline to work on yourself.

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