Features of Saturn in 6th House in Vedic astrology


Saturn in 6th House

Saturn in 6th House

The sixth house is about social responsibility, job, everyday chores, service to others, enemy, loans, and even health.

When Saturn is in the 6th house, expect people with this position to feel that they are being challenged at their workplace and have amazing skills related to the practical side of life.

However, despite being productive and always practical, they will still be concerned about their jobs, who knows which is an everyday thing.

It seems that they are never satisfied with themselves and cannot enjoy any of the pleasures of life. There is no one more interested in health and nutrition than him and it seems that any excess can make him ill in an instant.

Feeling unhappy with their performance at work, they will always strive to be better at what they are doing for a living. Saturn may be interested in a career in medicine, law, or law enforcement as he has to be precise and very conscientious in performing these jobs.

The position of this planet in the 6th house makes natives with this position very hard on themselves, criticizing what they have done or said all the time, and are never happy with their achievements.

The natives of Saturn in the 6th house have a very serious and honest approach towards work, apart from this they are very hardworking and determined personalities on the ground.

These people are also worried about small aspects of work for which they will take heavy responsibilities and apart from this, there will be a lot of work pressure on the person. These people are calm people in behavior as they will think only about work and will not think less about their comfort and well-being. They will complete all their work well and on their own.

The natives of this position Saturn in the 6th house strictly demand honesty in work from others as they do not want any kind of fun in work, besides they lack flexibility and have a firm attitude at work.

They put all their effort into work and want others to do the same. The harsh attitude of these natives at the workplace will be the main reason for some bitter relations around. They will have unreasonable worries and also face some health problems.

The natives of this position of Saturn in 6th house should get married after 28 years of their age as it will be a happy marital path. The natives should do the work related to Saturn during the night as it will give real benefit to the person. Also, the auspicious position of Ketu will grant strong prosperity along with beneficial travels and give him a blissful and satisfying life with family.

People having the inauspicious position of Saturn in the 6th house should not bring goods related to Saturn like leather and iron products as it will adversely affect the person. One should serve black dogs and feed them with love because it keeps the grace of Saturn on the person. These natives should serve snakes for the well-being of their children and provide coconut and almonds in flowing water.

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